Our research

We trace the empirical and theoretical complexities of social and cultural change in finance, the media including the digital, cities, technologies and social exclusions. We also work on the social implications of social research methods.

We explore conjunctural logics and uncertain borders where much is undisclosed. We show that inequality and instability reflect financialization where expertise fails and elites are beyond democratic control.

We study how of social involvement and cultural participation change over the course of people’s lives and place these trajectories in a long term historical context.

‘Reframing the nation’ focuses on the changing meanings of the nation in contemporary societies characterised by shifting patterns of migration, social diversification and transnational flows of ideas, objects and symbols.

Methods both shape and are shaped by the social. The Social life of Method explores how methods act not simply as technical toolkits, but also as vital players in creating and changing the social world.

We expore the infrastructural dynamics of social relations and address the fluidity and elasticity of social life by incorporating material processes into our understanding of social change.


Other Research

Cities are intense sites of social experimentation. Our Urban Experiments integrative theme explores city processes of cultural, material and mobile change that affect us all.

These previous research themes which ran from 2004-2009 each explored a different interface between culture and the social sciences, ranging from 'cultural economy' to 'cultural politics'.

As well as its core funded research themes, CRESC researchers succeed in winning numerous research awards which run alongside CRESC's research programme.