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Remaking Capitalism

We challenge the underlying assumptions of the (failed) post 1979 experiment and propose reframed alternatives using a distinctive combination of follow the money research with political and cultural analysis.

Convenor: Professor Karel Williams

About the theme

Remaking capitalism is both the intellectual title for our Theme 1 work programme and the political aim of a core team which has shifted into an increasingly active kind of research.

Our outputs distinctively combine follow-the-money research with cultural and political analysis that draws on science, technology and society (STS) problems and political science to establish the links between knowledge framing and the power of elites.

Our practice is to work in partnership with non-academic organisations, like Enfield Council or the Federation of Small Business (Wales), through which we can learn from and promote new kinds of social experiment and begin to mobilise for socially responsible policy alternatives.

This brief introduction to our work programme introduces our work programme by:

  • presenting the foundational economy as our new organising concept;
  • describing our current portfolio of research projects and activities;
  • explaining how our current projects relate to our earlier body of work on financialization.

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Remaking capitalism is this theme's title and the political aim of a core CRESC team.