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Basilio Acerete

Geir Afdal

Saheer Al-Jagoub

Michael Bailey

Stephanie Alice Baker

Mark Banks

Tony Bennett

Justin Bentham

Andrew J Bertie

Wendy Bottero

Andrew Bowman

Susanne Brandtstädter

John Buchanan

Felix Bühlmann

Simon Carter

Shu-Li Cheng

Andrew Church

Richard Collins

Alberto Corsin Jiménez

Nick Crossley

Marta del la Cuesta

  • Justin Bentham, Andrew Bowman, Marta de la Cuesta, Ewald Engelen, Ismail Erturk, Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, John Law, Adam Leaver, Mick Moran and Karel Williams (2013), 'Manifesto for the Foundational Economy', CRESC Working Paper 131.

Niall Cunningham

Tony Cutler

Isabelle Darmon 

Francis Dodsworth 

Paul du Gay 

Jeanette Edwards

Jane Elliott

Ewald Engelen

Ismail Ertürk

F to J

Gordon Fletcher

Peter Folkman

Carlos Frade

Julie Froud

Modesto Gayo-Cal

Till Geiger

Hazel Gillard

Marie Gillespie

Anita Greenhill

Penny Harvey

David Hesmondhalgh

Andrew Hill

Susan F Himmelweit

Barry Hindess

Debra Howcroft

Sukhdev Johal

Tim Jordan

Patrick Joyce

K to O

Maria Kaika

Yannis Kallianos

Jamie Kesten

Hannah Knox

John Law

Brigitte Le Roux

Adam Leaver

Camilla Lewis

Wen-yuan Lin

Celia Lury

Hugh Mackay

Adrian Mackenzie

Shinobu Majima

Siobhan McAndrew

Liz McFall

Ruth McNally

Andrew Miles

Natalie Mitev

Johanna Montgomerie

Niamh Moore

Mick Moran

Ingunn Moser

Karim Murji

Sarah Neal

Adriana Nilsson

Yanuar Nugroho

Ben O'Loughlin

Wendy Olsen

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Sam Parsons

Coralie Perez

Richard Philips

George Poulton

Michael Pryke

Neil Ravenscroft

Helen Richardson

Egle Rindzeviciute

Samuel Rosco

Henry Rouanet

Evelyn Ruppert

Angelo Salento

David Saunders

Mike Savage

Simone Scherger

David Shammai

Vicky Singleton

Jean Shaoul

Elizabeth Silva

Stefano Solari

Dale Southerton

Anne Stafford

Hanne Tange

Grahame Thompson

Daniel Tischer

Gindo Tampubolon

Jason Toynbee

Andrew B. Trigg

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Maiken Umbach

Elena Vacchelli

Barbara Waine

Vron Ware

Alan Warde

Sophie Watson

Chris Westrup

Ed Welch

Karel Williams

Kath Woodward

David Wright

Luke Yates

Brigitte Young

About the papers

The Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) peer-reviewed working papers:

  • are intended to provide a forum for debate and discussion;
  • have been subjected to peer review and comment within CRESC in order to maintain quality;
  • were generally revised before or after submission for publication in a learned journal;
  • are not necessarily published here in their final form - appearance as a CRESC paper does not preclude revision for submission to another forum;
  • are the property of CRESC and should not be reproduced for publication in any other format;
  • are freely available online to all members of CRESC and all other visitors to our website and should not be re-sold.

When cited elsewhere for the purposes of research, CRESC working papers should be acknowledged.

If you are interested in publishing any of the papers please get in touch with the author or authors who will in most cases already submitted this paper for publication in a learned journal.

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